Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And then there were three

Yes, that means I am pregnant! We are so very happy and feeling so incredibly blessed right now by our Heavenly Father. We couldn't be more thrilled! Baby O is set to make an appearance around January 21, 2012. As of today I am ten weeks, three days, although by the look of my tummy you'd think it was WAY more than that!

I checked this picture dozens of times to make sure it's real. Yep, it is!

Right after we found out and I stopped crying!
Don't mind Ben's goofy smile, I'm pretty sure he was in shock!

Max is still undecided, although he enjoys jumping on my belly, which is always a feel good moment.

10 weeks 3 days. See what I mean? A small bump appeared around a week and a half ago but I chalked it up to my imagination. However, there seems to be no denying it now. Apparently, baby is growing like a weed and there's nowhere for it to go but out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes, we are alive

and well! I have SO many pictures that I've been wanting to blog. First there was our Easter camping trip which was cold but wonderful. Then there was our backpacking trip a few weeks ago which was AMAZING as usual. And then there was the U2 concert which was suh-weet. And I have great pictures of them all to prove they really happened and yes, we were there! However, it is all I can do to squeeze in the time to provide even this tiny update. On May 2 I started school, and I am LOVING it. It was rather unexpected, but when the prompting came I followed, and I'm glad I did. I'm taking eighteen credits, which is insanely cramped in a summer semester, and I am still working full time. So we're still here, I usually have some sort of anthology on American literature or some advanced nutrition book in my face but Ben's getting used to the look! So sorry for the no pics, but the semester ends August 5... maybe I can squeeze some on then :)