Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegas Baby!

At frighteningly close to 25 years of age I finally took my first trip to Las Vegas! Ben and I went with some friends and stayed in St. George, where we went 4-wheeling and ate too much, then ventured on down to Vegas for a day. It was so much fun... who knew? It never sounded like much fun, but being there with my sweet hubby in absolutely PERFECT weather with good friends made it seriously the most relaxing, fun trip ever! Plus as a bonus I splurged on a freaking adorable purse...

Chubby 7 month old Daxton, our friends' baby. He's a doll! Love the face he's making!

Fantastic 4-wheeling trails...

The lobby inside the Bellagio... it smelled amazing, everything was made of flowers

Isn't he cute?