Saturday, January 31, 2009

Road Trip!!

Preface: I took a number of pictures that would have illustrated this post better, but we have lost our cord and I can only upload them at Ben's work. Sorry!

On Wednesday, Ben and I took a little road trip. We skipped school, I left work early, and we got in Ben's company car and drove for five hours. Our destination: Riverton, Wyoming. Ben has to drive around and look at business signs for his work. Every Monday we drive around Layton, Kaysville, Roy or Logan and check to see who needs their sign fixed. Every three or so months we go to Wyoming to check up on them there. It's not very eventful, but I always love it! Ben drives (He very rarely takes me up on my offer to switch. Maybe I scare him!) and I read a book. There's a Little America Hotel right smack in the middle of nothing, and they have great ice cream. Once we get to Lander, Wy (a small town near Riverton where we also look at the signs), we always stop and get some hometown cooking. We look at their one street of business signs, then drive down to Riverton. They actually have two main streets so there are a few more signs to take pictures of. After that, we headed to the hotel, prepared to go swimming. Of course, once we arrived we saw that the pool was closed (They always are at hotels, at least the ones we go to!) So we lounged around and got bored. Ben took pity on me, and we braved the cold weather to make a late night run to Walmart. There we stocked up on Sobe's and dried fruit. Ben was adorable, and scored the aisles until he found the exact brand of dried mangoes that I was craving. Thanks, Benny! Back at the hotel, we ate our fruit and lay in bed watching tv. A perfect evening :) The next day we drove home and got to spend the rest of the afternoon together. Ah, for cuter! In a nutshell, the lives of a young married couple with no children may not be all that exciting, but we sure like it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

We have arrived!!

Well friends, we have finally arrived! Welcome us officially to the world of blogging, because we are here!! I have very much enjoyed blog-stalking all of you, and was content to let my own blog go un-started. However, I have come to the conclusion that if we are to be remembered by our peeps, most of whom don't live near, then we had better get blogging! When repeatedly asked why we had no blog, my answer has always been this - the excitement factor would be nill. And while the excitement factor hasn't really gone up much, hopefully the little enjoyments of our life will be enough to keep you remembering about us! So here we are, living it up in Ogden, and we are so glad you're reading!