Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween weekend part one

Halloween is over at last! Once September ends I pull out my few Halloween decorations and the random costume parts and get really happy at what this all means... fall, snow, hot chocolate, and the nearness of the two most wonderful holidays of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas... NOT Halloween, although it's a fun one!) I enjoy planning Halloween - the costumes, the activities, inviting family and friends, but when it ends I am definitely ready to move on to bigger and better. With that said, I'm sure Christmas decor will be up at our house in no time! (and don't be a hater... I know Thanksgiving comes first. But what's Thanksgiving without a little Christmas cheer?!)
On Friday we went to Frightmares with a few friends. Pics of that will be coming soon. For now, here is what our Saturday consisted of:

Ben and I greeted our guests in this manner (Ben's sister and her cute little family, and my brother with his. Small and cozy, yet enough to make a tight fit in our small and cozy little home!)
And yes, I did get another new hairdo, and if I say so myself I do love it. Real bangs for the first time in my life, it's so exciting! Although it wasn't looking its best under my witches hat.
We had a yummy dinner and then were off to trick or treat, although the kids were only able to make it through about 5 houses. It was a very cold night! Then we were off to Hogwarts! This is Ben's sister and I accompanied by Dumbledore. A tiny witch was meant to be in the picture but her darling head got cut off!

us witches, enjoying ourselves immensely

Hagrid asked the little boys (dressed as bats) if they had escaped from the Forbidden Forest

Luna Lovegood was not thrilled by Ben's costume, it was too scary for her taste.

Moaning Myrtle, complete with her toilet.

The Sorting Hat

Hope you had so much fun as well!!