Monday, April 4, 2011

St. George on St. Patty's

Meagan, you were right! ... I DO have pictures from a trip to St. George that have not yet been blogged about. So here goes! (Thanks for the reminder).
A few weeks back Ben and I and a few couples from our ward drove down to spend St. Patty's day weekend away from work and relaxing in the sun... too bad it was only sunny one day, but we were still not at work so it was ok! We stayed in a beautiful house that someone's parents kindly lent us, spent a day in Vegas, another day shopping in St. George, and another watching my nephew play in his softball tournament. It was nice and relaxing with too little sleep and too much food (as usual).
Jeff and Jori - my sister and her husband. It was a fabulous coincidence that the baseball tourney was that same weekend. So we drove to Mesquite and ate at the seafood buffet with them and then went swimming. Completely wonderful evening

Don't mind that some of these pics are sideways, I forgot to turn them before I uploaded them and, you got it, I'm too lazy to redo. We went shooting one breezy afternoon... Here's my baby shooting to his hearts content.

Seriously the .22 pistol was INSANELY fun. I asked Ben to get me one for our anniversary or my birthday or something... I want one, he can figure out an excusable time to buy it!

At Brayden's game... it was so cold.

Isn't he darling?! I think I embarrassed him. I forget he's 13 now... oops

soaking up the sun... sideways style

Soaking in the shade while his wife soaked in the sun.

Vegas baby :) Breezy here as well.

Love my sweet Hubby, it was an awesome trip. Wish it was time to go again!