Sunday, March 29, 2009

This may be too gushy for you, brace yourself

Just a little love for the man who

* cleans the whole house every Saturday that I work, and even moves the furniture and vacuums under it!

* Calls me Kelloggs even though I hate it, and he laughs everytime :)

* made dinner every night last week, and it was always delicious

* works so hard for our little family, every single day

* makes me laugh until I cry, and then a little bit more

*appreciates everything I do, even when it's not very much!

* makes my lunch and irons my clothes so that I can get to bed early for work... even though it's my own fault for procrastinating

*Reminds me that life shouldn't be taken too seriously

* lets me call him over and over just to talk, even though he hates talking on the phone

* gives the best and most comfortable hugs in the world... they always make me feel better even when I didn't know I needed to

* treats me like a queen

My family came to visit today, and unfortunately I had to work until 5:30. Ben, being the most wonderful man that he is, made sure the house was spotless, cooked the potatoes and rolls, baked brownies, and marinated and then barbecued the chicken, all while I was at work. I got home just as my family pulled in, and Ben had everything ready for us. He even changed the scentsy so that the house smelled delicious! He is my favorite person and my absolute best friend. Thanks Baby!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Temple Open House

Last weekend Ben and I drove down to Draper to go with my family to the Draper Temple Open House. It was such a fun time and the temple was beautiful, of course! While going through my eleven year old nephew and my eight year old niece and nephew walked with me and wanted to learn about everything. It was a sweet thing to be able to share that experience with them. As we left they were so excited to go back someday. Isn't that how we all should be!

My nephew and I afterward

My Benny and I

(The pictures are from my cell phone so they aren't very good or very clear. Sorry!)