Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Baby!

Baby girl has arrived!!!!! Everything went perfectly, far better than we could have hoped for! 
Savanna Michelle Olson arrived on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 9:44 am. 

I woke up around 4 am on Friday with contractions, and around 6:30 they became consistently 7-8 minutes apart. They were uncomfortable but completely bearable. I took it easy throughout the day, trying to take a nap (although that was a joke since the contractions were MUCH worse when I was laying down... but I was so tired, so I would fall asleep and every 8 minutes I would sit up and wait for the contraction to stop, since I couldn't bear to lay down through it.) I also watched 17 Miracles to pass the time, the movie about the handcart companies. SO GOOD! I highly recommend it if you want a good spiritual pick me up that will undoubtedly make you cry! Anyway, around 3:30 the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart but not more intense than they had been. So Ben and I hung out and played games on our phone together. After dinner we headed over to hang out with Ben's sister and our friends. The contractions were  getting stronger but I still wasn't ready to go in. After all, I see labor every day at work and was quite aware how long first time labors usually last. So, I opted to play Scattegories in between contractions instead of hang out at the hospital! At 10:30 pm I called my work (aka L&D) and warned them we were coming in. Then I called one of my favorite nurses that I work with, and being the SWEETHEART that she is, she met me at the hospital to be my nurse (even though she works day shift with me, she was so kind to come and be with me through this!) 
I got admitted, IV started and checked. I was contracting every minute and a half and dilated to a 4.5, completely effaced and baby was very low. YAY! Around 1:30 am when I was a 6 I got the epidural. The contractions never really got too unbearable, although they were intense. I wanted to wait as long as I could to get it, but by this time I really just wanted to sleep! So I got the epidural and it was INCREDIBLE! Ben slept and I tried, and then at 8:45 I was ready. I pushed for an hour, although it didn't feel nearly that long. It was a beautiful labor and my sweet husband's face when Savanna came out was amazing. He has been completely wrapped up by his daughter and it is the most beautiful thing to watch. We are so so so blessed, and love her so much more than we ever knew we could! We are thanking our Heavenly Father constantly for this beautiful little package!

Just before pushing began

It was Dr. Hartman's birthday as well :)

A perfectly happy family.... even Max loves Savanna!


  1. oh! my! goodness!!! i cried reading this!!! ha ha. i'm so happy for you guys!!! and i'm not gonna lie....totally jealous! :) we need to come see her asap so let us know when things die down a little and we will come visit!!! loves!

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you and I want to come see her soon! You are going to both be incredible parents!! Love you!!

  3. yay!! congrats she is beautiful!!!