Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Month

As of today Savanna is six weeks old! However, this is her one month post :)

The word that seems to be used most often to describe her personality is "feisty"... by multiple people, at different times, and so it seems to be the consensus! I completely agree though. She is a sweetheart and definitely has some spunk! She also seems to be the most even match of both Ben and I in looks. At one moment she will look exactly like me or someone in my family and at another moment she's all Ben. Make no mistake though, her mad and crying faces scream "Kelli" ha ha. Her big eyes are all Ben, especially when she makes the buggy eyes, she perfectly matches a baby pic of her daddy.
She is losing her hair on top and it makes Mamma sad, but she's still the cutest! Her hair is the most beautiful reddish brown, and in the sunlight the red is very prominent. We love it and hope the red sticks around! She also has super fuzzy, stick straight up hair (which also matches Ben's baby pic... he really did have hair once!).

Savanna loves getting her diaper changed. She has literally never cried while having her diaper changed. On the contrary, if she is crying the moment I undo her onesie she stops and just enjoys the air. She doesn't even mind the cold wipes. She also loves her baths. Even when she starts shivering at the end she's still happy as a clam!
She's an excellent eater, and a wonderful sleeper ONCE she gets to sleep... she fights that one to the end! She eats about every 4 hours and usually only wakes up once in the night.
She is the most fun and the entire family is wrapped around her finger. The other night last minute we were looking for a sitter so we could go to the jazz game, and both her aunt and her grandma were willing to bend over backwards just for the chance to watch the little cutie. Aunt Kara even braved the horrendous snowstorm and icy roads for her. But what can I say, she is one cute baby! 

These eyes and fuzzy hair are a match for Ben's baby picture 

She is very long and skinny! NO idea where she gets her length from!

And she has the sweetest smile :)

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